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What I Have Learned from Coaching

By Laura Bronson, Father’s House – Tulsa, Oklahoma

When my pastor asked me to start coaching, I was a little unsure of what to expect. Nevertheless, I started the process.

Coaching has truly helped me. I instantly had a connection with my coach. She was friendly, but she also laid out the conditions of coaching on our first call. I am a person who needs and likes structure, and I like to know what is expected of me. I found it very easy to be completely honest and vulnerable with her. There has never been any judgment or condemnation. Only help. She listens and mirrors back to me what she hears me saying so that I can hear it. Our coaching sessions have been life changing.


Confidently Facing the Future

By Pat Harrison, President & Founder

Going through transitions or changes isn’t always easy or pleasant. My late husband, Buddy, used to say that the only person who really likes change is a wet baby.

When Buddy moved to heaven, that was a huge transition for me. We had been married for forty years and had done everything together in life, ministry, and business. It was also a difficult transition for our FCF family. But the Lord spoke a word to me: “The vision has not changed.”


Barriers to Growing a Healthy Church Part 2

By Buddy Harrison, Co-Founder

Bad attitudes will keep us from growing spiritually in the things of God. When the pastor and the congregation aren’t growing spiritually, then they aren’t going to reach the lost. As the Body of Christ, our job is to reach the world.

The first bad attitude I addressed was indifference. The next one I’m going to address is selfishness. You can’t allow selfishness to exist in yourself, your leadership, or your congregation, because it will keep you from seeing the needs in people and being moved by compassion to meet them.


For Such a Time as This

By Lonnie Hilton, National Director & International Vice President

It was a crucial time for the Israelites. Unless someone spoke up for them, they would be destroyed. Queen Esther was hesitant to take a stand until Mordecai reminded her, “Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14 NKJV)

I believe we are living in “such a time as this.” Because we are the Body of Christ, we have spiritual authority and influence. It is time to recognize what is happening in this world, stand for God’s truth, and act on the authority He has given us. Our West Coast Representative, Virgil Stokes, shares some issues for our consideration.


A Different Perspective

By Jon Coats, FCFYN

Marselo “Selo” Lozano has been around the block a few times. His experience gives him a trusted voice in helping youth leaders understand how to reach and raise the next generation. In the following article, he is going to challenge your thinking about youth ministry.

Marselo and his wife, Mia, are committed to reaching and raising up the next generation. They would love to help you reach the young people of your community. Don’t hesitate to contact them. Connect with them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone 254.722.8774, or PO Box 423 Waco, TX 76703.


It’s Greek to Me!

By Dick Mills


“Without holiness no man shall see God.” Hebrews 12:14

NOTE: The cluster of Hebrews words is QADOSH, which means “holy,” QADASH, which means to “sanctify,” and QODESH, meaning “holiness.” The corresponding cluster of Greek words is HAGIOS, meaning “holy,” HAGIAZO, which translates as “sanctify,” and the three nouns, HAGIASMOS, HADIOSUNE, and HAGIOTES, which mean holiness.


Internship—Part of our SENDing Strategy

By Gail Buse, International Ambassador

Today’s young people desire hands-on learning opportunities to gain experience in their field of study or career choice. Internships are rewarding for both the intern and those who host and mentor them. Our FCF internships give our interns that hands-on experience they desire and allow them to develop in the call of God on their lives.